Friendship Yoga

Friendship Yoga
1231 Gilbert Court
Iowa City, IA 52240




"I've studied yoga with other yoga teachers, both classical hatha yoga, Bikram's and Iyengar-style. Nancy is an excellent, top-notch instructor. Her instructions are clear and precise, her corrections timely and sensitive, and she has an excellent sense of what each student can and can't do. She knows how to keep the classes fun and enjoyable, yet push us all to expand our flexibility. It is a joy studying with Nancy!"

-- Eric R.

"In my first yoga class I learned that yoga could help remedy my chronic bad posture. I have been deeply engaged ever since. Yoga is helpful to my posture, and to my temperament. The calmness I feel at the end of a class stays with me during the week. I like the flexibility, balance and strength I have achieved in yoga.

I am delighted to have found a teacher who is part of a living tradition. Nancy studies regularly with the senior teachers and with the Iyengars in India and returns to faithfully teach what she has learned from the masters."

-- Theresa C.

"I'm pretty consistently doing two or three sessions a week at home, which is really something because one of the reasons I didn't start yoga earlier in life is because I thought I didn't have time. Just goes to show..."

-- S.P. (middle school teacher and mother)

"It was interesting to see and experience the higher (class) level. To learn the poses in more depth and to experience new challenges is helpful to understanding the path."

-- Gayle W.

"My health club couldn't provide a trainer who knew how to deal with my
health problem. The Friendship yoga classes are an opportunity to progress from whatever level of fitness, flexibility you're at with a knowledgeable instructor whom you can trust and who knows you."

-- Sue B.

"If it wasn't so enjoyable and rewarding I wouldn't have found the time."

-- Liz S.



  "...The teacher has to be able to not only stand on her head, but think on her feet, as well..."
John Schumacher, Senior Iyengar Teacher